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In addition to general podiatric care, our podiatrists specialize in foot and ankle trauma/reconstruction,
sports medicine and wound care. They also have an extensive knowledge of current grafting techniques and wound care technology.

Our podiatrists also work with internists and family practice physicians to effectively respond to diabetes-related foot care with an emphasis on prevention.

Q. When should I seek help from a podiatrist?
A. Any foot or ankle pain is abnormal and signifies a problem. Visible problems in feet, ankles or nails also need medical attention. 

Q. Why is it important for diabetics to see a podiatrist?
A. Diabetes affects the circulatory system, and feet have the poorest circulation in the body. Any cuts, blisters, hot or cold spots, rough or painful areas, numbness, swelling, redness, ingrown nails, bleeding, discharge or odor require immediate medical attention. Seeing a podiatrist regularly allows problems such as neuropathy and vascular disease to be diagnosed and treated early, preventing a more serious disorder from developing.

Q. How can a podiatrist help me choose my next pair of shoes?
A. Podiatrists can recommend footwear to suit your needs and foot type. After you have been fitted with a shoe, a podiatrist can check your fit and function in the shoe to ensure that it is working for you.

Our podiatrists see patients at our Main campus.
Natalie LaScola, D.P.M.
Benjamin Nafziger, D.P.M.

To schedule an appointment, please call the Podiatry Department at 330-433-1258.

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