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Our internal medicine staff treats a wide range of conditions that affect adults, from acute health problems to annual health examinations and routine testing. They make referrals to surgical and medical specialists as diagnoses may indicate. 

Among our capable physicians, there is a diversity of special interest areas in medicine such as gastroenterology, geriatrics, infectious disease and women’s health. With access to a sleep laboratory, studies on sleep apnea and insomnia can also be conducted. 
Our well-rounded team of primary care physicians provide day-to-day care for thousands of adults in the community.

Our internal medicine physicians practice at: 

Main Campus
Chester Bartram, M.D.        
Joanna Bruno, M.D.
William Fayen, M.D.
Julia Fiorentino, M.D.  
Gina Kicos, MSN, FNP-BC
Clifford Johnson, M.D.
Michael Johnson, M.D. Ramesh Krishnamurthi, M.D.         
Daniel Rodriguez, M.D.
David Schumaker, M.D.
Maria Young, M.D.

 Steven Weaver, M.D.

Bolivar Campus
Matthew Hiestand, M.D.
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