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Our audiology department uses advanced technology to conduct diagnostic hearing evaluations for both adults and children, including infants. A diagnostic evaluation helps detect and measure the severity of hearing impairment and loss in children and adults. It is important to receive a hearing evaluation each year because hearing loss usually occurs gradually over time, making it personally harder to notice. To schedule an appointment with Denise Testa, Au.D or Amy Yoder, MA CCC/A, please call 330-433-1450.

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Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations
A diagnostic evaluation helps detect and measure the severity of hearing impairment and loss in children and adults. Here are some examples of diagnostic tests:

  • Pure Tone Audiometry - determines the softest sound a person can hear across the test frequency range (250 Hz to 8000 Hz).
  • Tympanometry - evaluates the middle ear function by measuring response to air pressure variations and acoustic signals.
  • Speech Discrimination Testing - involves repetition of single-syllable, phonetically balanced words to determine if additional testing is needed, if amplification would be helpful, or if hearing aids are fitting correctly.
  • Speech in Noise Test - measures how well you will understand speech in noise relative to someone who hears normally in noise.
  • Visual Response Audiometry - uses sounds presented through a loudspeaker to measure responses to sound in young children older than six or seven months.
  • Otoacoustic Emissions Testing - evaluates inner ear function in infants (younger than six or seven months) by inserting a small probe into the ear canal.
  • Live Speech Mapping - uses the voice of the audiologist or significant other to show how much speech is reaching your eardrum with a functioning hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Services
A wide variety of styles and models are available to meet your acoustic and financial needs.

Hearing Protection Services
Earplugs, swim plugs and specialty molds are available.

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